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Nintendo’s Xenoblade Chronicles X and Carl Sagan’s Contact study the fireplace in rapt attention.

Back at it again with the scifi. Let’s discuss how insane, inane, and significant Xenoblade X‘s narrative is when compared and contrasted to Sagan’s Contact.

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Squaresoft’s Chrono Trigger and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander debate loudly and distractingly over the space-time continuum.

Spoiler Alert: Scifi is confusing and answers to no one.

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Luna Logan is a Tokyo-based ESL teacher by daylight and a literary/games scholar by moonlight. She specializes in postcolonial/postmodernist theory and JRPGs (Japanese role playing games). Luna strongly believes that video games have the power to bridge together the academic and the non-academic, and therefore, can be a safe space for conversation and integration. She enjoys playing games, reading books, collecting rocks, and ranting about all those things. She is currently a PhD applicant looking for a program to call home, and is otherwise working on her gaming/literary blog Dpad Discourse as well as a novel about life in Japan. 


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